Global Challenge: The English Theatre Frankfurt – Jessica Thackray

Week 1

Today marks the day that I have been in Frankfurt one week, therefore it seems only right that I submit my first blog. This week has been a week of many firsts: it was the first time that I have ever been on an aeroplane alone (needless to say I was a tad nervous), the first time that I have ever been to Germany (slowly ticking destinations off my European bucket list) and also my first day at ‘The English Theatre’ (my Global challenge placement). The English theatre

Before setting off on Thursday, I had the usual pre-departure flutters of ‘have I packed my passport?!’, ‘did I renew my EHIC card properly?!’, ‘I really hope the government website was right and I don’t need a visa?!’, ‘What can actually go in hand luggage?!’ etc etc… But once that had passed and I was on my way to the airport, I was very excited! Not particularly for the flight… but for the duty free and the Costa breakfast that was waiting for me in the departure lounge. I was also extremely excited to see Frankfurt and my flat; which would be my new home for the upcoming five weeks.

When I arrived in Frankfurt, I knew that I had to get the train to ‘Hauptbahnhof’- the main train station which was only one road away from my destination. It sounded simple enough… unfortunately this was too good to be true. In reality I got off at ‘Hauptwache’ due to the trains being a little problematic- but still I got there safe and sound and enjoyed a more… ‘scenic’ route.

the eng theatre2The first difference that I noticed between England and Frankfurt were the views- there really are skyscrapers everywhere! The reason for this is that each German bank has its own headquarters in the city centre… and of course that means a skyscraper PER bank! The locals here refer to Frankfurt am Main as ‘Main-Hatten’- claiming that it really is as busy as America…
My first day at work was Monday 22nd June- Maria told me that I should spend the prior weekend taking in the views of Frankfurt and getting used to the way of life. I enjoyed my weekend at the Zoo… but unfortunately the weather was on par, if not worse, than England.
On my first day I met with Anna and Umberto- two of the theatre’s Stage Managers who were both lovely. They explained that I would be working with them whilst at the theatre. This week I would be working mainly evenings to help Umberto call the show.

the eng theatre 3
Tomorrow evening (Friday 26th June) I am going out with a group of people from the theatre to watch a small music festival which is close by. Another thing that I am looking forward to is sitting in on the Alice in Wonderland rehearsals that I will attend this weekend! It will be good to see what the show is like as this is the project that I will be flying solo on as Deputy Stage Manager.

By Jessica Thakray 
(Writing from a very very sunny Frankfurt).

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