Global Challenge: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Morocco – Anna Traykova Weeks 2-3

Weeks 2-3

The second week at GSK started well with new projects and assignments given out. I had a meeting with the HR manager and he outlined the projects that I will be working on during my internship. The main project that I will be working on is the local HR dashboard which will aim to update and focus on local data and metrics such as employee turnover, demographics, etc. The dashboard is done on a quarterly basis and is used to analyse current trends. I had a meeting with the HR manager where he went through all the information that I will need for the dashboard and explained what is expected of me. Moreover, I have been meeting the HR coordinator who has given me another project to work on which is to develop a catalogue with all the learning and development programmes that are available to GSK employees. Tomorrow I will have another meeting with the HR manager to go over all the information that I need to start working on my projects. So far the work seems interesting and a bit challenging but I am also enjoying working with a lot of different people. There are other interns from Morocco and we all sit together at the same table.

will and anna

Ramadan has now started and working hours at the office are shorter. During the day everything in the city is closed and drinking and eating in the public is forbidden. Only a small number of hotels stay open and serve Europeans. During the weekend I had the chance to visit the beautiful Hassan II Mosque and the coastal area of Casablanca.

moroco temple

It was very interesting to hear about the history and to see the Moroccan architecture. During the month of Ramadan everywhere in the city is quieter and people only go out in the evening after they break their fast. The fasting is a particularly interesting experience and I definitely wasn’t prepared for it but I am enjoying it. Everyone in the office fasts as well and it makes it more complicated for us to have lunch as we have to find a place which will be open during the day.


Me and the other intern Will hang out together all the time and sometimes the other interns join us as well. We’ve been going to the beach which is a short taxi ride away and we watch the sunset which is so beautiful! We went out for a meal once and had some camel meat which was so nice!


So far I have had the chance to try some Moroccan food which is very tasty – tagines and vegetables are sold pretty much everywhere and they are relatively cheap.


The nicest thing that we did so far is to have the traditional ‘ftour’ with the locals. Ftour is their first meal when they break their fast in evening around 7.50pm. Everyone goes home and sits at the table to eat together. They prepare lots of small dishes and everyone shares. On some days me and Will go and get coffee at Starbucks after work. We met the staff there who are really nice and invited us to join them for dinner. They prepared everything on the day and we had a really nice evening with them, they were so welcoming and friendly! We tried traditional Moroccan food, lots of types of fish and some of the local sweets – dates and ‘chebakia’


By Anna Traykova


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