Working for Careers Network: Gabi Kajenaite


Gabi Kajenaite worked as part of the Careers Network Student Engagement Team (SET) as a CoSS Brand Promoter

Being a SET member has been an amazing experience and had a huge impact on both my time at the university as well as my future career. After returning from my year abroad, I re-joined the SET team as a Brand Promoter for the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) team, where I was able to develop a range of transferable skills as well as meeting various employers on campus. While a lot of my work was done with the CoSS team, I also had a chance to work with people across Careers Network to ensure the delivery of the best services to students at the university. As a Brand Promoter I promoted our events through lecture shouts, communicated with students and employers during Career Fairs as well as helping with the delivery of the College of Social Sciences newsletter, among other things.

As a SET member I have participated in a range of employer events that allowed me to develop my commercial awareness, one of the most sought-after skills. By being around and communicating with employers as part of my role, I also became more confident during job interviews and the application process in general. Similarly, I have worked in several events with BT representatives and this gave me an insight into the telecommunications industry as well as the regulations in the said industry, which helped me kick-start my career at Ofcom.
The two years I’ve spent working at the Careers Network have been an amazing learning experience that influenced both my professional and personal development. I have worked with a wonderful team that pushed me to improve and develop to my fullest potential, and I can genuinely say that I could not have asked for a better team or a better job.

By Gabi Kajenaite


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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