E-learning & student engagement at Careers Network


Mehek Ali works as part of the Careers Network Student Engagement Team (SET) as a Postgraduate Careers E-Learning and Digital Projects Assistant 

As a Masters student working at Careers Network (CN), I’ve had the opportunity to wear a number of different hats. My main role is as the Postgraduate Careers E-Learning and Digital Projects Assistant, whereby I managed a Career Action Planning tool for Masters students on Canvas and have been involved in numerous workshops, presentations, and seminars aimed at postgraduate students. Apart from this, I have also served as a member of the Student Engagement Team (SET) where I have done a range of work, from advertising events by distributing flyers to liaising between Careers Network and heads of colleges.

While I’ve learned a lot from my role at Careers Network, the three main skills I’ve gained would be flexibility, teamwork, and public speaking. Flexibility, because my involvement at Careers Network was versatile and I was often shifting gears between responsibilities, adapting to changes in roles, and allowing myself to be flexible enough with my time to achieve the best possible results without compromising the integrity of my work – at Careers Network and as part of my degree. Teamwork, because Careers Network is all about integrating and working in a dynamic yet synergised environment. I’ve worked with undergraduates, fellow postgraduates, Careers Network staff, and external members, and each group has required a different focus and energy, and to be able to work effectively with different teams is a very beneficial skill! And finally, public speaking, because at Careers Network I had the opportunity to speak at various events, lead discussions, contribute significantly at meetings with core Careers Network staff, and have my voice and my perspective heard. Careers Network is respectful of my needs and limitations, but also challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and be a leader and communicate effectively.

My role at Careers Network has allowed me to grow and develop my skills further, and I think is highly desirable in a number of fields, whether they be academic/research-based, or applied. Because I would ultimately like to work in education, working at Careers Network has been an ideal job because I worked to assess student needs and with students. After graduating, I intend to apply for a PhD in School Psychology, and feel that my time at Careers Network will work in my favour tremendously!

By Mehek Ali

About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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