Online development at Careers Network, a BUIP internship

selfievictor (3)The work I have been doing has proved to be much more challenging than I expected – I am in a position of great responsibility. The website is the online presence of the whole of Careers Network and it needs to be representative of every department.

There were no obvious solutions to the problems I have faced, so my problem-solving and creativity skills were also intensely stimulated.  When the BUIP roles were advertised, I was extremely disappointed that I had already booked flights for my Easter holiday one day before the interviews were going to take place. I was very grateful that the Careers Network team agreed to have the interview the week before and I felt I had to make the most of the chance I was given.

I was terribly nervous before the interview, especially since it was my first one. I spent an entire day looking up advice and guidance (funnily enough, the same resources I am editing and enhancing now as part of my role). Completing the PSA Activity a month prior to the interview helped me reflect on my achievements and build up the confidence needed to articulate my own employability. Being offered the role felt like an immense confidence boost, as well as a unique chance to improve and exercise my abilities.

My main task is to bring improvements to the Careers Network online resources, primarily the website. I spent the first week familiarizing myself with it and undertaking some literature research, in order to discover the advancements that could be made.

I have designed surveys for the website’s users and analysed the resulting data, deriving potential improvements, and I will soon implement the changes to the live website. I am also involved in developing the Careers Network e-learning resources for students, in things like designing, restructuring and improving materials on Canvas.

Being able to put my technical knowledge into use has been very rewarding. I have made use of my HTML, CSS, and web editing skills. I have also learned a great deal many things, primarily how to use different types of E-learning software and gained proficiency in using Canvas. I also realized I was not as bad at graphic design as I previously thought (which was very surprising).

However, I feel like my main benefit from this internship so far is the acquisition and enhancement of soft skills. I have had to give presentations, communicate and liaise with many people in the various departments, organize all of my tasks and learn to maintain a good professional etiquette. Since I’m doing a highly technical degree, this internship has helped me go out of my comfort zone and develop a more calm and professional attitude.

The Careers Network team have been very friendly and considerate. They have provided an excellent inclusive work environment for me. I often forget I am an intern – my opinion is valued and respected, and people are always eager to help.

I look forward to the next tasks I will face, and cannot believe that I am already past the midpoint of my internship!

By Victor Darvariu


About careersbham

Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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