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The title of my post is ‘Research Data Services Development Officer’. It took me a while to get used to saying that, but I think I actually like how fancy it sounds.Day 1

I applied for this internship on a whim, I’d already planned to go on a 5-week long Clinical Psychology placement in Sri Lanka. I’d applied, got a place and paid my deposit in my 1st year. I was planning on applying for the International work experience bursary and Gateway bursary, but I decided to try something different (where I’d get paid) and in the UK as well, because in the summer after my 1st year I went to Germany for a Psychology summer school programme. I had a look on the Careers Network page and came across the BUIP roles. I applied and four months later plus an interview, here I am writing a blog piece about my experience so far on my internship.

Day 0

I planned out my outfit for the week ahead, because I knew back-to-back 9am starts wouldn’t really be my thing.

Day 1

My line manager (Jill) asked me to meet her in the Main Library reception at 9:15 am. I actually sent her an email when I was done with my exams, asking if there was anything she’d like me to get started on or to know before I resumed for work. I also asked for feedback on the interview. She sent me an article but also said I could read it in my 1st week, and was nice enough to send feedback on the interview, (I would recommend getting feedback from absolutely everything you do, interview, work experience etc.).Day 20 Elevator Selfie

I had my 1st meeting with Jill (have I mentioned how lovely she is yet?) from 9:15 am until about 10:15 am. 10:15 am until about 10:30 am I was shown around and introduced to people. Afterwards I got shown my work area and had to read through the University’s health and safety policies among other policies as well as sign some documents. 12:00 pm lunchtime!!! (note to self, breakfast is important, very important!). The rest of the day was spent settling down into the new environment and reading up and familiarising myself with information on Research Data Management (RDM). Two other people were in the office with me, they were really nice and welcoming. Someone offered to make me tea (putting to shame the misconception of interns being the ones to get people tea). 5:00 pm came around pretty fast.

The past 5 weeks have gone by pretty fast, I’ve had meetings with key people involved in the University’s Research data management, from the PURE manager to the Assistant Director of Library Academic Engagement and of Collection Management and Development to someone from IT services and also an RDM trainer who turned out to be the subject adviser for my school.1001 post-it notes

I’ve sat in on high-level meetings, been to Careers Network (CN) workshops, done a CN presentation, worked through FAQs sent in by EPSRC researchers about RDM, worked through 1001 post-it-notes and presented them in an appropriate format, done lots of desk-research about RDM, funders requirements, UoB’s provision and other Russell group universities provision. Presently I’m working on a report which will summarise all this information and highlight areas where UoB could step up and improve as well as provide pointers on what could be done. I’ve written lots of reports as part of my Psychology degree requirements, but this might just be my most important one yet.

(Look out for an update in my next blog piece)

By Adenike Adesanya 


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