Challenging and stimulating; an internship in Morocco not to be forgotten!

So this is it… my last week at GSK Morocco. I didn’t realise how quickly my time here had passed! Now that the other intern Will has left and one of the procurement intern finished her work as well it’s been just three of us at the office. We had a busy final week as we had to prepare for the assessment centre on the 5th August. I think so far this was my favourite task to do. It was a bit stressful as there were a lot of things to organise and prepare but it was very interesting and enriching experience! I had the chance to organise and facilitate an assessment center for the GSK graduate scheme and I had the chance to understand better what happens during such days. It was a great learning experience and I believe that I learned a lot about HR practices.


One day before the assessment day there was a pre-assessment event where the graduates met with us and had lunch. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend this day as I was very sick. However, after two days I felt better and I went to the assessment day. We had selected 8 candidates but one of them dropped out at the last minute so we were expecting 7 people. It was a full assessment centre from 8am until 5pm with lots of different activities and exercises. My role was to coordinate everything together with Zack, the HR coordinator and Taha, the other intern. We had to ensure candidates are briefed about each exercise and that they understand everything. We were briefing the assessors as well. At the end of the day we assisted at the final discussion and took notes that we later used when assessing the candidates.


My usual desk area at work

On the following day we met with the assessors to discuss each candidate and to decide who will be shortlisted.This was very interesting as it allowed me to see how candidates are assessed. At the end of the day we had collected feedback for each candidate and we had a list with three names that were selected for a final interview with the general manager. This meant that we had to call the other 4 candidates to let them know that they were unsuccessful at the assessment centre and to give them feedback. I made one of these calls and it was a very good learning experience.

On my last day we held the final interviews with the three candidates who met with the general manager. We organised the event and after we delivered the outcome of the interview to each one of them individually. It was a great experience to participate in the assessment centre and to have such a great opportunity to see how it is organised.

My flatmates

My flatmates

I had to say goodbye to the people in the office and went to have a drink with some colleagues at the end of the day.

Overall I had a great time in Morocco and at GSK! It was challenging and stimulating experience that I probably won’t forget! I got to experience completely different cultures and I got to work with one of the biggest healthcare companies and I believe that this was very beneficial for my personal development.

By Anna Traykova

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Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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