Week one as an Intern in China

Stepping on the Southern Chinese land, the hot air blowing towards your face is the first thing you remember. Dressing up with long sleeves shirt and long trousers definitely made this worse. When I arrived at the Guangzhou Centre For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) and was welcomed by my new colleagues.10a

My first week at CDC included abstract screening the literature needed for the research of Dr. Bai Li on child obesity in China. Other than doing abstract screening, I am learning from other colleagues key cultural practices. For instance, how to greet your senior and maintain a positive working environment by communicating with each other effectively. To gain a better picture on the international project I am coordinating, I am attempting to understand colleagues job roles and responsibilities so that I have a better picture of the whole environment. 10b

One thing that is new to me is the sleeping break after lunch. The stereotype that Chinese workers work long hours without any rest, does not necessarily appear to be true in this organisation. There is a sleeping break to improve working efficiency amongst workers. Having a sleeping break definitely helps me to concentrate better in the afternoon. Hopefully in the future, I will schedule a sleeping break during my study in the final year.


By Tzu Yiu Brian Lee


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Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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