Global Challenge Internship: Sales forecasting followed by spectacular sunsets

4aWeek 2 My mentor returned to the office from her previous week’s business trip, so I began working directly under her supervision. I had a meeting with her towards the start of the week to explain some of the projects I will be working on as well as answering the questions I had accumulated from my first week. I then began looking over a number of excel files that are used in the company’s quarterly budgeting process. Following that I processed the data from other team members and collated to form the sales forecast file for July to September.

I visited a traditional restaurant on Saturday evening and had couscous with Moroccan wine, there was also a belly dancer going round the tables as we sat under a tented ceiling. The next day I visited another restaurant for lunch that overlooked the ocean and had honestly one of the best dinning views I have ever experienced. I decided to have shellfish pasta to try some of the local seafood.

Over the weekend my fellow Global challenge intern Anna also arrived. We actually revisited the sea view restaurant on the Tuesday evening to enjoy a meal out before the start of Ramadan. We arrived around sunset, so got to have a rather spectacular view before dinner, after which the whole restaurant was lit only by candles.4c

However, my days of delicious eating were soon to come to an end with the start of Ramadan. Lunch is no longer provided at work so Anna, myself and our fellow non-fasting colleagues had to get creative! Unfortunately a lot of Casablanca restaurants do not open at all during the day through Ramadan, so we were restricted to western chains. A lot of Pizza Hut / Starbucks and KFC was consumed over the month.

Anna and I discovered that we could travel to a certain branch of Starbucks by the beach at Anfa, that would allow people to eat and drink outside during Ramadan. This then became our bolt hole for a while. We actually visited so much that the staff invited us to break fast with them one evening and enjoy the traditional Ftour meal. This was quite a surreal experience. We enjoyed traditional homemade Moroccan food – all served out of Starbucks cups and plates in the middle of a closed up coffee shop. It was great though and very entertaining. A real sign of the traditional welcoming hospitality that Morocco is known for.4d

Work wise I began a new project which was to prepare the 3rd quarter update file for Morocco’s sales figures. It took me a while to get going but after a few stumbling blocks and a lot of questions I began to make good progress with the file construction and figures.gsk5

Anna and I rounded off the week with a visit to the beach one evening to watch another sunset. We bought some pastries and enjoyed them just as the sun went down as everyone around us began to break fast.

By William Preston


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