Social Media, infographics and cafe-hopping in Singapore

Buttermilk Waffles at Department of Caffeine.

Buttermilk Waffles

Both Rachel and Carine are amongst the few people I spent my first day of orientation with. Rachel being the firecracker of the group will be sorely missed – especially during our regular lunchtime darts/foosball session in the PwC Singapore’s office!

As for work related matters, I have been working extensively on creating social media messages as well as accompanying infographics. I really enjoy the creative environment of this internship and have been learning a lot about optimising social media platforms. In fact, I have been given the chance to work on revamping the current Facebook strategy and have been learning a lot!

Rachel and I on her last day of work

Rachel and I on her last day of work

I experienced a couple of farewells these past two weeks and it’s never easy to see people whom you’ve made acquaintance with, leave so soon. A bunch of us had initial dinner plans but as some of us had last minute meetings to attend to, Carine and I decided to bring Rachel out for a waffle treat during lunchtime! Indie cafes are a growing hit in Singapore, so we naturally decided on one of the many nearby options, as per Carine’s recommendation. Cafe-hopping too is an increasingly popular activity to do in Singapore but of course, it’s something you’d usually do during the weekends!

Lunchtime darts session

Lunchtime darts session

.Stay tuned for the next blog post as I will be sharing the various celebrations happening all over Singapore as she celebrates her 50 years of independence – also known as Singapore’s Golden Jubilee!

By Nadrah Rozman


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