Final week in Frankfurt on my Global Challenge internship!

Having a great time on my internship

Having a great time on my internship

Tonight marks the end of the Alice in Wonderland run of performances, and also my last day at the English Theatre Frankfurt. It is fair to say that I am absolutely gutted to be leaving after having such an amazing five weeks. However the final show was definitely one to remember and the theatre kindly gave me a copy of this performance to take home with me. Another highlight was Charlotte being able to come back and perform, which meant the full team was back together for the final show.

After the show there was an after party in the theatre bar, called The James Bar. It was lovely to be able to celebrate with everyone, whilst also being able to wish everyone well and goodbye. There was a real mixture of emotion from everyone; real happiness that despite some really hard few weeks the final show was brilliant and the best of the run so far, but also real sadness that we would not all be back tomorrow night for another performance.

Today has been a real roller coaster of emotions. It does not feel like I have been here over five weeks at all. My time has absolutely flown past, which I think makes leaving even harder. Although I am looking forward to my travels around Germany, part of me really wants to stay at the theatre for longer. I have been so surprised that I did not feel homesick as that was my main concern with going to work in another country; instead I felt like I had settled in very well and in doing so, found a new home here. I’ve loved it so much that I would have absolutely no hesitation in coming back to live and work here in the future if the opportunity arose.jt1

Tomorrow marks the start of my travels around Germany, where I am going to Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Heidelberg. I also hope to visit Salzburg. However, I will return to Frankfurt on Monday 3rd August where all of my friends that I have met at The English Theatre will all meet to go and have a small ‘leaver’s party’. We have decided to go to a local restaurant and enjoy a giant schnitzel. It is a very similar idea to restaurants like in America where if you manage to eat the entire plate then you will get it for free… I CANNOT WAIT. I have also already made plans to visit friends when they come to England for either University or travels- which I think is amazing. I cannot encourage anyone enough to do the Global Challenge; I have made incredible friends, lived amazingly for five weeks and had an experience which I will quite honestly never forget.

By Jessica Thackray


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