Interning in America: Responsibility,networking and volleyball!

ms3I now enter my 3rd Week here at the Consulate and time is flying! I am having a great time out here, it an experience that is both challenging and thoroughly enjoyable.

On matters of work, I am still working on the pop-up, reaching out to major businesses in the hope that they will sponsor our event so we can both benefit from having increased partnerships with firms out in Kansas City. Last week, I found myself sitting in on a call with all the Consulates in the US as well as some speakers from London on a key political event that is taking place. The ability for me to see the type of work that is going on over here, and how finite some of the details are in improving the relationships is definitely a learning experience. I have emailed contacts at the Kauffman Corporation, which holds one of the largest private foundations in the US, with an asset base of $4 Billion! The level of responsibility they place upon me is reassuring, and has helped my confidence grow tenfold. Having met with all the members of the team to help me understand what they do has really expanded my knowledge base of all the different sectoral work that takes place here


I have been put in charge of organizing the popup, answering any queries that members of the team have and also communicating with the EDCKC (Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City). It’s not all hard work here though; the consulate does a variety of team-building type events to help promote relationships within the work environment. I have been organizing a potluck picnic, which is a picnic in which every member of the team brings some item of food to share with the rest! We plan on doing a range of activities, varying from Sack Races and Egg & Spoon races, very British themed.

On the social side of things, I spent the weekend at the beach on Lake Michigan with some work colleagues playing volleyball and enjoying the 32 degree heat! I am becoming very familiar with the city, and with the help of the consulate I have settled in great over here. I am attending a BABC (British-American Business Council) event that is being hosted by the Consulate in the residence. It will be the 25th Anniversary Party and a great opportunity to network with all the important players in the US-UK business market. It’s exactly the kind of event I brought my suit for!

By Michael Smith


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Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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