Interning in America: learning about Politics!

ms4I cannot believe that by the end of this week I’ll be half way through my internship! The past week has been a crazy one, and I’ve found myself participating in things I never could have imagined I’d be doing at this age! The Potluck picnic I mentioned in my last blog was a great success. I am pleased to say that we won the Egg & Spoon race, and the three legged race, meaning our team took top place at the end of the day! I took the time to let my American Colleagues in on some British Cuisine, cooking sausage rolls the previous night for them to enjoy! As for the work, it has been so much fun organizing the popup! After reaching out to the Kauffman foundation, and employees at the SDI (Scottish Development Institution) the programme is really taking form.

I took the chance on Thursday’s BACB event to capitalize on the contacts that I could make whilst at such an event. I spoke to numerous people who work in Chicago, including the right-hand man for the Governor of Illinois! I also made some contacts that we should hopefully be able to link into the Popup, to get as many people involved as possible. I’m also coordinating with Chris Roach, the Vice Consul for Economics and Trade Policy on several projects. I am currently helping put together invites for the University of Kent, who are having an event here in Chicago. I am also working on putting together a report on all the senators and governors in terms of their views on Trade, Energy and the Environment. Not only does this help Chris out, but it also allows me to learn about American Politics and the bills that are attempted to be pushed through at congress. I have shadowed several staff members to learn all about the different fields of work that we undergo here at the consulate.ms5

As for the social side of events, it’s been another great weekend here in Chicago! I had the event at the residence that involved a few Gin & Tonics to loosen up the networking! I also spent some time going to Lake Michigan, it’s a great city to run in and explore. I have also been to my first Chicago White Sox game, which unfortunately the Sox lost, but still it was very entertaining! As for the next couple of weeks, I am currently planning my Midwest Trip to Kansas City to site out the areas we are using for the popup, I’ll be sure to grab some BBQ that was recommended to me by an employee at The Economist. I have also got calls with some other potential helpers for the popup, and I’m visiting the SDI (Scottish Development Institution) tomorrow to see other types of Foreign office work that goes on here.

By Michael Smith

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Student Engagement Officer for Careers Network University of Birmingham

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