Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Programme: Reference Styles Project Support Officer

As much of a cliché as it is, it only seems like yesterday that I was a nervous undergraduate about to catch a glimpse into the real world of work. Now, 8 weeks later, I’ve just begun my final day of the whole internship and I can safely say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time within Library Services. Yes, there have been days that have been tough and more stressful than others, but overall I believe that I have been able to overcome these issues over the course of the eight weeks without too much hassle (and with a smile still on my face!).

Alex Jubb Blog Image - the i-cite in all its glory!My colleagues within Library Services have been absolutely fantastic. Each colleague I was introduced to over my time here seemed to always have a smile on their faces, and always had the time of day to ask how I was doing and whether I needed any assistance with anything. It was a daunting task that I was getting myself in to, so this help was always greatly appreciated. Being greeted with a smile first thing on a morning certainly helped with those early starts!

I really don’t think I can recommend BUIP highly enough. I applied for the internship with the view that I would end up at the end of the summer with something else to add to my CV, and gain a bit of workplace experience whilst doing so. Whilst it is correct that I do now have something fancy to put on my CV, and I have experienced a ‘proper adult job’, I have learned so many new skills that I will take not only into my future working life, but also into my final year of Uni. I can now use referencing software through Microsoft Word, so that is going to help massively when it comes to writing my dissertation. My referencing skills have also improved no-end, which will allow me to reach the top grades in my essays – every little helps, after all. Moreover, I have been able to work on my time-management skills during these 8 weeks. Whereas previously a lot of my work had been done relatively last-minute, with no time for any drafting, having to work to regular deadlines was something I had to adapt to quickly. Having created more drafts than I care to admit to for the new referencing documents and website that the university has to offer, I am now well-versed in the art of drafting (and drafting, and drafting, and drafting…). This can surely only add to the quality of any future work that I produce, be it for university or otherwise.

Finally, I am definitely going to miss coming into the office each day and being shown the same respect that a regular member of staff would do. Although my I have had the official title of ‘intern’, I have felt far from it. I have been treated like one of the team from the very beginning, and I am certainly going to miss the people I have met during my time here. I’ll be sure to pop in when I am back at Uni in September to see how they are getting on, and also to see whether my 8 weeks of hard work have paid off – hopefully the new referencing guidelines will be a hit!


By Alex Jubb


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