Global Challenge: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Morocco – Anna Traykova Weeks 6-7

As the end of my internship is quickly approaching I get more and more interested in the work of the HR department at GSK. These two weeks have been busier as I had to complete my final projects and ensure that everything is done correctly. I have been spending most of my time together with the other interns and they have been busy too. The HR dashboard is actually starting to look very good and I am proud of what I have done with it. It was hard to start at first but now I got more confident with it. Working on the dashboard allowed me to develop my Excel and overall IT skills and my organization and communication skills.

Moreover, the learning catalogue is almost done as well. The difficulty I had with this project was actually getting to meet everyone I needed to meet 6-7with and gathering all the information. Many of the directors didn’t send me the training information straight away so I had to insist in order to receive it but eventually they all did. They filled in a form that has information about each employee and the type of training they have done in the past 4 months. I used this information to compile a catalogue that contained up-to-date information about the available training and opportunities to develop within GSK.

Besides this I have been working with the other HR intern and sometimes helping him with some of his projects. We had to work together on a project that was aimed at GSK employees and offered them free healthcare and free preventive medical examinations. We had to come up with ideas how to launch the program, how to advertise it and encourage employees to use the service.

The best thing that has happened during these weeks was also the end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid!

6-7(2)The fasting is over and now we can eat outside. I was invited to an Eid celebration with my flatmates and we had some lovely food. Also, the HR coordinator who used to look after the interns has decided to resign and we were all invited for lunch with some of the GSK employees for his leaving party. We went to a very nice Moroccan restaurant and had some traditional food and it was lovely to get to know the people who work in GSK a little bit better.

The other intern from university has also left because he started his internship a bit earlier than me. We went out for a meal together with the other interns and had a really nice time. I am now looking forward to my final weeks in Morocco.


By Anna Traykova


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