College of Life and Environmental Sciences Induction Review Officer

I can’t really believe that I’m half way through the internship already! It has absolutely flown through, with lots already learnt but lots still yet to do…

The BUIP internship role I decided to take up for this summer was titled College Staff Induction Review Officer. The role was within the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, despite me being a second year Physics student, but from the job description I thought it sounded like a job that would suit me down to the ground. However, like many other interns, before I started I wasn’t entirely sure what this would involve, despite reading and re-reading the job description about a million times! Luckily I got a full breakdown from my line manager on day 1, phew…

My role has been looking into the Induction processes present within each of the Schools contained within the College and analyse how appropriate and thorough these inductions are. This has involved developing a lot of my professional communication skills, due to working with such a wide ran
ge of staff across all the schools, as well as furthering my independent research skills. It has also been the first time I have been able to organise and lead my own meetings in a professional setting, which has been great fun (if slightly nerve-racking at first!).

I have spent almost the whole first half of my internship gathering as much information about inductions as possible, which has resulted in a lot of 11911967_10153199286714069_2005608198_npaper and electronic files clogging up my desk and computer. Departmentalising everything I have learnt into logical places so that I don’t get overloaded has definitely been a challenge, due to the sheer volume of information new staff need to settle in to the University (it is a big place after all!).

I have recently begun moving into the second part of my internship, which is to begin developing a new and improved College induction process. This has involved moving a lot of information on to the University Intranet, which has meant learning the University’s web-editing systems. This has given me experience of Web Content Management Systems, which is something that will be incredibly useful for my CV (as computing skills are incredibly important to Physicists).

Having a project of my own, and having the space to do it, has been a great experience. Most people think of interns in the way most films portray them, thinking of them as the “coffee-boy”, but I’ve been working on my very own project since day 1. My manager meets with me only occasionally to see what I’m up to and give me useful advice, but otherwise the work is solely my own. And that is something I’m getting increasingly proud of, especially as I’m beginning to see pieces fall into place. By the end I’m hoping to have a completed product, the full Induction process complete from start to end.

The really scary thought here is that the College will actually be using what I create, and utilising what I found out, in this internship. A whole College, with all the associated staff, will be listening to me, a second year intern. That’s a big responsibility, and I’m relishing in the opportunity. Hopefully I manage to get it to perfection by the end, I’ll have to let you all know in my final blog!


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