Higher Education Review Preparation Officer

Monday 13th July 2015, the first day of my internship role as the Higher Education Review Preparation Officer for the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. Being a Biological Sciences student, I was excited at the prospect of working in the same College as I’m currently studying in and getting an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. There were a variety of different reasons that led me to apply for the internship, mainly getting the chance to do something productive with my summer and making a direct contribution to the College as well as seeing the University from a different perspective.  Seeing as this was my first ever office job, I really had no idea what to expect but was ready to make the most of this new experience and contribute as much as I could during my time as an intern.

HedPrepMy first few days here consisted of undertaking a few training courses, being introduced to the various Team Managers I would be working with and of course, getting settled into my office and familiarising myself with where everything was.

My internship consists of two main projects, in the first half
of the internship I have been working on implementing new structures for the online student handbooks 2015/16 which meet the University guidelines and link in with the Higher Education Review that will be taking place next year. This has involved a lot of time on Canvas, editing and sorting out the handbooks to ensure all Schools in the LES College follow a standardised format and contain the necessary information. This has meant that I have been responsible for ensuring all student handbooks (that’s eight handbooks in total!) have been updated to contain the new structures and additional content in just five weeks and as I’m sure you know, student handbooks contain a lot of information. So I have definitely been very busy so far!

HedPrep2The next half of my internship will be based on collating and putting together information from the 4 Schools in preparation for the Higher Education Review. Therefore as you can see, the work I’m involved with now has a direct impact on helping the LES College which is one of the main reasons I am really enjoying the internship as it is satisfying knowing that the work you are doing actually makes a difference.

In addition to working in the LES College, I have also received the chance to meet with the other interns through the training sessions that Careers Network has very kindly provided. So far, I have attended the Professional Etiquette and the CV and Interview Skills training sessions. Both have been jam packed full of advice and tips which are not just useful for the time being but I’m sure will also come in very handy in the near future too.

Even though I am now half way through the internship (how time flies!) I am really surprised at just how much I’ve learned and how much progress I have made so far. I am definitely excited and looking forward to seeing what I’ll be achieving in the next half of the internship!


Madeeha Bano


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