Information and Communications Officer – Final thoughts:

I’m now in the final week of my internship in the Student Experience Projects Team and I can’t quite believe my time here is almost over!

Though my role is the information and communications officer for the new Student Hub, the nature of the Student Hub launch has meant that I’ve also had time to fit in a couple of extra projects. These extra pieces of work have been organising the stands and the practicalities of the Welcome marquee and planning International Day (an event during Welcome Week). Taking on this extra work has both allowed me to utilise the skills I’ve built in the previous weeks as well as develop new ones, namely event planning. I’ve also enjoyed the challenge of being given full responsibility for a project and being left to my own devices; knowing that it is up to me to make something happen has been really motivati

Planning International Day and the Welcome marquee (and balancing this with my Student Hub workload) has meant I have had to be incredibly organised, as the arrangements can be quite complicated and nothing can be missed out. Having quite a tight turn around before the end of my placement also means that if I’m not organised, I’ll be handing over a project with too many loose ends for someone else to easily pick up. Learning to fully utilise an online tasks manager and keeping my files organised has meant I can work more efficiently as well as making it easier to update my line manager in our weekly meetings.Second blog post picture - Emily Muscat

Being part of the projects team (and especially once I started working on multiple projects) has meant that no two days have been the same in my 10 weeks here. One day I’ll be creating a budget for an event, another I’ll be taking a tour of a building site and another I’ll be writing a script for a promotional video. This kind of work has meant that I’ve built up a range of skills, and hopefully I’ll now never be stumped by a ‘give me an example of a time when…’ question in an interview!

If anyone is considering applying for a BUIP internship then I’d really encourage you to do so. Working full time over summer whilst your friends are back home relaxing may sound like a sacrifice, but your CV (and bank balance!) will thank you! Not only this, but I’ve found myself really enjoying my placement, and I will miss all the lovely people that I work with.  If you get a placement, I’d really recommend making the effort to network with the other interns across the University and meeting for the odd lunch. It has been really interesting and helpful to share our experiences of our roles with each other, and I have even made a couple of new friends!

As I take a step back to look at my experience over the past 10 weeks, I am blown away by how beneficial it has been for both my career and personal development. I now feel ready to enter the working world after graduation and feel I have gained valuable experience that I can draw upon in future roles.


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