Digital Content Producer, The College of Life and Environmental Sciences

My time within LES working as a Digital Content Producer has simply flown by, during which I’ve achieved a huge amount and gained fantastic new skills. I’ve also improved my employability, and I’m actively seeing content I’ve produced have practical applications across the College. I’ve really enjoyed my time as a BUIP intern, and I’m quite sad that it’s over really.

I feel I’ve really developed my professional etiquette and technical skills due to my time working in LES. The content which I’vPhoto 04-09-2015 17 57 20e tackled has been extremely varied, meaning one week I’ve been producing a video, the next designing a booklet and the week after that a website. This has required me to use a different piece of software for each task, allowing me to improve the skills I already had, such as experience with video editing software, and learn new skills, such as Web design.

In addition to developing my skills, I’ve solidified in my mind how to approach a professional workplace, and how to communicate with other members of staff appropriately. Everyone who I’ve worked with has been extremely friendly and happy to help, and I’ve never felt that I was unwanted or useless. A BUIP internship certainly isn’t just making cups of coffee for everyone else! I’ve had to work with a broad range of people, and more often than not, different people for different tasks. This has meant the application of effective communication and people skills have been crucial.

Although at times I’ve had to work with a large number of people, much of the work has largely been independent, which is something that I really enjoyed. I’ve learnt how to overcome difficult challenges without necessarily asking for help, and also think my way around a problem while balancing other challenging tasks. I’ve really enjoyed the independence that came with this internship to be honest, and its something I’ll be looking for from future positions.

The highlight of the internship however, has been when my manager asked me to stay on for another week. I felt that I’d worked really hard, and that my managers were very impressed with the work I was producing. It’s certainly something which I’ll be able to mention in a future cover letter. Although it means another week without a break, I think it will definitely be worth it in the long run. I think the most important thing I’ve gained during my time within LES has been an idea of where I want my career to take me. I definitely want to do something creative, which also involves working on a very broad range of projects and working closely with lots of different people. I’ve now got some professional experience to back me up and technical skills to match, meaning I’m confident I’ll be able to go where I want when I graduate or look at applying for other internships in the future.

Overall, I’ve found the experience to be rewarding an enjoyable and I would definitely encourage any Birmingham undergraduate to apply to the BUIP program. The professional experience you gain is invaluable, and gives you a chance to really apply some of the skills you have in the real world, while also perhaps gaining material and elements you can put into a portfolio and show to potential employers. It’s also highly beneficial to see the inner workings of higher education and work with some fantastic people during your time as a BUIP intern.


– William James


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