Higher Education Review Administrator, BUIP Internship

I have now entered the final week of my internship with the Policy Team at Ash House. Since my last blog, it has been an incredibly exciting and busy time as we have made final preparations for the Mock Higher Education Review which finally took place last week. In that time, I have been given such a range of opportunities that will serve to enhance my employability and I look forward to putting the experience to good use when pursuing employment in the future.

As I discussed in my previous blog entry, I have been working with the Policy Team at Registry as a ‘Higher Education Review Administrator’. The University is due to be assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency early next year and the team has been busy compiling a vast amount of evidence that will be presented to the reviewers in order to demonstrate how the University’s policies and services meet the requirements of the Quality Code. After weeks of gathering evidence and organising arrangements for the review, I have finally had the opportunity to see the culmination of my efforts. Over two days last week the University conducted a Mock Higher Education Review; inviting two external reviewers to meet with both academic and professional staff to discuss the compiled evidence, and to provide the policy team with feedback on how to prepare for the official review in February of next year.

The Mock Review was very exciting, and it was so rewarding to see things go so well after 8 weeks of preparatory work. The feedback received has been positive and the event has already proven useful to all those involved. At a personal level, the review sessions provided the opportunity to speak to a wide range of colleagues from across the institution. This has provided terrific insight into the realities of working at such a large Higher Education institution. Meanwhile, as the research and evidence gathering has come to an end, I have been challenged with new and exciting tasks such as making all of the arrangements for the mock review venue, contributing to the briefing sessions and sitting in on a number of the review sessions as an observer and minute taker. Since the review, I have also been responsible for gathering feedback and have been able to contribute my knowledge of Canvas and Survey Monkey to enhance this process. I have also had a number of opportunities to discuss the possibility of pursuing a career in higher education; in fact, several colleagues have kindly offered to provide advice and information should I wish to contact them in the future.

Although I am sad to be departing at the end of the week, I look forward to utilising the experience going forward.  In fact, I have already been able to use it to enhance my application for postgraduate study. I also have plans to use the experience for a number of opportunities that I wish to pursue during my final year of undergraduate study. For any undergraduates unsure of undertaking an internship next summer, I have only good things to say about the opportunities provided by the University with its BUIP scheme. I have been equipped with a wide range of skills and experiences that are certainly going to set me apart from other graduates. I can’t thank Career’s Network and my host department colleagues enough.



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