Induction Review officer – Final Blog

So we’ve now reached the final part of my internship, which is scary!

It’s a weird feeling getting to the last day. At the very start of my internship it felt like 10 weeks is a long time, the equivalent of a whole university term, but instead I’m working 9-5 Monday to Friday in an office instead of lazing around and using the excuse “I’m a student”. But as every student knows, when you get to the end of a term you wonder where it went as it flew by, and the same is true here. How has it gone so quickly?

In the last few weeks since my last blog entry, I’ve been busy knuckling down and powering through a lot of work on my project. The first part of my internship was information gathering, but this last few weeks has been all about putting that information in all the right places and actually creating something for the College, in my case creating an Induction process for new staff that is uniform across all the Schools.

This has been busy, but I’ve really enjoyed being able to create something out of my internship. I’ve met with the management team across the College and been able to not only tell them what I believe needs improving, but have actually shown them what I have created and the new procedures I have put in place to create a simpler and more effective induction for new staff. This has been met with a great response from all the teams,  as they have all been very positive for this, which makes me feel like I’ve done a good job of my project.

Not only this, but it has also meant that the management team has gotten excited about this work themselves. Having been involved with this project, I know that now when I leave this is not the end of the project. I have created a complete and effective induction process, but things can always be improved. However, I have made it engaging which has increased interest in my project, and as a result people very much want to get involved. This makes me proud of my work as it means that even when I leave the project will be expanded on and improved more and more, which is very exciting to see.

We also had our Presentations last week as part of the BUIP Internship. This was a 10 minute presentation on what we had contributed to our host department, as well as how this had helped us to personally and professionally develop. For the interns that were part of LES, we did our presentations back to back, which was a massive bonus knowing that we had the other interns supporting us through them. It was actually, surprisingly to all of us, a lot of fun as we’d really gotten to know our projects over the last few weeks and it was really just an easy chat about what we had done and what we had enjoyed/hated. Every person in the audience had come because they were genuinely curious, which meant that questions were interesting to answer and that the audience were engaged in what you were saying the whole time. We also received feedback on how we did, which I will be using to improve ready for if I have to do this in interviews (which more and more graduate schemes have started doing, so very useful!).

I’ve had a fantastic internship here, and I’m really glad to have done it, as well as incredibly thankful to all the staff who have made my job so much easier and more enjoyable. Thank you for such a fun experience!


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