Higher Education Review Preparation Officer – Final Blog

As my internship comes to an end, I would have to say that I am astonished at just how much I have learnt and accomplished during my time here, as well as how much I have enjoyed working in the LES College. I am really going to miss it!

These past 10 weeks have just flown by as the work has been very varied, from updating the student handbooks, compiling the Higher Education Review Checklist to creating an outline of an International Student Guide (and more!). This has meant that I have managed to gain and develop a multitude of skills from IT (where I was able to apply and develop my existing HTML knowledge) all the way to communication, project management and organisation.

From the training sessions that Careers Network have provided to my day to day work in the office, I have continuously been gaining and developing these transferable skills which will not only come in useful for future employment and academic studies, but will also contribute to developing myself as an individual too. 10 weeks may not sound like a lot but it has truly been a fascinating experience.  I still can’t quite believe just how far I have come from never having had an office job to arranging meetings, liaising with different managers, managing my project and even giving a presentation to the College Senior Management Team!

Working in the same College I am a student in has also given me an opportunity to see all the hard work that goes into ensuring students have all the necessary and relevant information for them to have a great university experience. It has also showed me just how much the staff care and the effort that is put into things which we, as students can take for granted. This experience has definitely taught me how much work goes on behind the scenes that students may be completely unaware of.

The internship has been a very rewarding experience for me as not only have I had a chance to do something that has enabled me to develop so many skills, but to also contribute towards something that has a direct impact on students and staff.  Working with such great, friendly staff members has only added to make this experience greater than anything I could have possibly expected. The main aspect of the internship which I have really enjoyed has been the responsibility and independence that I had been given in regards to managing my own project and tasks. This has involved organising my own time, setting up meetings, managing different tasks, working independently and using initiative to foresee and overcome any challenges that may arise.

For students who are thinking of undertaking a BUIP, I would say go for it! Not only will you be able to gain and develop a host of transferable skills, you will also have a chance to get an insight into how such a large institution functions and the variety of work that is undertaken. You will most definitely enjoy it too!


Madeeha Bano


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