BUIP at the British Consulate Chicago – Final Blog

I am now about to enter my final week as an intern, and it will be capped off with a trip to Kansas City this weekend! I’ve been working on pulling together the final details of the pop-up, including having several meetings with certain team members to discuss tChicago2heir events. I had a great experience this week working with the consular department. They work with helping people who have lost their passport or are British Citizens detained abroad. I worked with a colleague who joined us from the San Francisco office, covering for one of our staff members. I called a British Citizen who has lost their passport to set up an ETD (Emergency Travel Document) appointment with us; it was great to get to experience a bit of customer service. I also had to investigate as to why a British Passport was found at the scene of a crime, which lead to me calling a police department in Wisconsin. It was all hugely interesting and a learning experience to remember!

I went to a BABC lunch yesterday hosted by none other than Christie Hefner, former CEO of Playboy and who gave a talk on running such a business and how to succeed. I found it really informative, and one point that was mentioned is how having international work experience stands out on a CV. The ability for you to move to a place that you’re unfamiliar with shows how you can adapt to different situations; I thought this was very appropriate! The photo attached is me with some of my work colleagues here at the consulate. I also met some British companies that have set up over here, including the Vice President of Tate & Lyle amongst others.

I have also been working with UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) on their Fintech Mission, a programme where they offer the chance for firms to potentially win a trip to London as part of an event that is being hosted there. I have been monitoring their Eventbrite page, exporting applications to be sent off to the expert panel. I will definitely make the trip down to London to see some of my American Colleagues (now friends) who have made the trip.

ChicagoAs we get nearer the KC pop-up there is talk about flying me back out to the US for a week in October to see my project through. It would be great to see the work I have done transpire into actual events and meet all the people I have been in contact with over the past 8 weeks. Hopefully can raise enough sponsorship money for our event to get me back out here and put to work for the week. Who knows!

As for my social life, Oktoberfest is in town which is a huge beer festival that sets up here in Chicago! I will be certain to sample that side of Chicago to help “embrace” US culture. I am trying to maximize my final week here with some great friends, and if there is one thing I will take from the job it is how great the people are. From day one they have embraced me and given me the responsibility that you don’t get anywhere else. I had other internship offers, but ultimately this is the best one I could have had the opportunity with because of the type of work I have been doing and how great the people are at making you one of the team in such a short amount of time. I will definitely be coming back to see these people again, and they all have a place to stay with me in Selly Oak to experience all that UoB student life has to offer!


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