METROPOLIS China, Blog #3

I’ve been given a second project to work on in my last month which related to Guangzhou’s role as Regional Secretariat for the Asia-PacificYangthze for The World Association of Major Metropolis’ (METROPOLIS). It involves looking into membership fees and helping research best ways to improve fees financing and making it easier for members to pay.

This task was quite important and would be submitted to the head office of METROPOLIS to help with their financial planning and strategies, so I wanted my work and research to be as informative and helpful as possible. As I undertook this project and once I had completed it and presented it to my supervisors we had an interesting discussion about how surprised they were at the way I went about my project. They were impressed at the way I did a lot of analysis and break down and provided a lot of options, rather than a more tradition black and white, right or wrong approach that they seemed to think a Chinese student would have come up with. This was interesting as I’ve never been for ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ always picking subjects where you can be right as long as you argue your point well and I think this highlighted cultural differences between our learning and education.

In this past weekend I have visited Gui Lin an absolutely beautiful, incredibly popular tourist spot. I had an amazing time on a boat trip down the river in one location and another bamboo raft trip on another stretch of river. The scenery here reminded me of the islands around the coast of Thailand however when I mentioned this I was told that yes it may look like this but in fact this is the ‘most beautiful scenic spot in the world’ something  I found it hard to disagree with!


Hannah Thompson


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