METROPOLIS China, Blog #4

My work has got quite busy at the moment with both projects being well under way. While grappling with various Excel sheets and formulas for my finance and fees research projectPearl 2 I have also been communicating with the METROPOLIS World Secretariat Office in Barcelona, emailing back and forth content for the website along with feedback and suggestions. Emailing from China to Spain has been difficult to organise because of the time difference but also because the Spanish team have been on annual leave and having to kindly reply to my emails in their own out of office time which has prolonged the work.

The METROPOLIS website displays its content in English, Spanish and French so all my English documents have had to be translated and then checked by the multilingual team in my office
before being sent to Barcelona! It makes for a slower process however the website changes have been made and it is really satisfying to see your hard work pay off! As I won’t be working when the changes to my fees project become implemented I am very happy that I get to see my work come to fruition through the website.

This weekend I made a trip to Hong Kong with a friend I met through my homestay family. We took the train for the couple of hour’s journey. I was adamant I wanted to visit Hong Kong but only had a single entry visa so when I renewed it after a month I made sure I paid for multiple entry so I could enjoy a weekend there! I had a great time and it was such an interesting place. It felt very much like a Chinese city but you could see British influences in strangest places. I noticed that the street bins were ones you see often in the UK not the type that were in Guangzhou and some other towns I’d been too. I also noticed the milk tea and scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast in a café we ate at, rather than rice or noodles and more traditional food. Hong Kong also has amazing shopping, especially if you’ve got a bottomless purse and the queues outside Gucci and Prada were surprising!

Victoria Harbour is really impressive and the Avenue of Stars along to the famous Bruce Lee statue give you a great view out over it!Pearl


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