METROPOLIS China, Blog #5

ChinaReaching the end of my internship I have managed to tie up the ends of all my work and I am proud of the stage of completion of all my projects! The website work I have done has undoubtedly improved Guangzhou’s presence on the METROPOLIS website and I left it in a position so they can continue updating the page with all their fantastic work. I was nervous about my second project but couldn’t be happier with the feedback I received because they were so pleased of my fresh outlook on the situation.

After a hard first few weeks getting used to a new culture and job away from home I feel into a routine and the eight weeks have gone by incredibly quickly. I think the highlights of my time have been visiting Gui Lin for the beautiful scenery, relaxing on the beach in Hui Dong, and getting a bit lost in Hong Kong in the search of some top notch ramen!

The experience has been eye-opening and I have developed both professionally and personally in ways I didn’t imagine I would.


Hannah Thompson


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