Week Three as an Intern in China

Chirpy Dragon3After months of planning and organization, the opening ceremony of the Chirpy Dragon project was successfully held in a prestigious primary school in Guangzhou with distinguished guest such as Matthew Rous, the British Consul General in Guangzhou, our vice-chancellor, David Eastwood, Chen Jianhua, the Guangzhou Mayor. For my part in organizing this ceremony, I was involved in sending invitations
to schools and facilitating the communication between different parties.

I acquired lots of new skills from organizing this large scale event which involved lots of stakeholders. When planning the event, we had to consider logistics and time management. For example, in order to ensure sufficient attendance, we had to be considerate on choosing the appropriate dates for the majority of the stakeholders to attend. Moreover, there should always be consideration for emergency situations. For example, we had to handle prolonged delay of our event due to congestion in Guangzhou. When some major guests were late due to congestion, we contacted important personnel with more discretion over transport to resolve this problem. Eventually, a senior official from the municipality made some calls and asked for congestion mitigation in certain parts of the city and the guests arrived sooner than we expected. While solving the delay, we had to make sure the audience wouldn’t be frustrated. To keep the audience entertained, we had prepared an Chirpy Dragon4extra performance entertain the guests while they waited. As a result, they didn’t notice the delay and were very pleased with the opening ceremony.


Besides ensuring the positive experience of the audience, we also had to ensure that we presented a sophisticated and positive image to the press team we invited. Ultimately, a positive media coverage of the Chirpy dragon project would secure future support of the government and society.


At the beginning of the ceremony, one of the female staff playing the role of the Dragon doll became sick. With the resolve to ensure a successful ceremony, I volunteered to help her, by acting as the Dragon doll. This interesting experience expanded my horizon on problem solving, and made me realize that the importance of flexibility and willingness to help are fundamental to project management.


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