Week Four as an Intern in China

Managing the operational project from the whole Chirpy Dragon project was my responsibility. In previous blog, I mentioned that I was communicating with three primary schools in facilitating the project run down. My project was to investigate the role oChirpy Dragon5f media such as advertisement on child obesity, and its risk factors in order to develop grounds for policy making in China; Particularly in Guangzhou, being one of the most developed cities in China. Successfully promoting such health policy in Guangzhou will have significant impact in the whole China in the coming years as the Chinese government are focusing more on the improvement of quality of life in China.

Arriving at each primary school, I was leading a few helpers to make sure everything ran smoothly. For instance, I had to make sure the logistics such as the prepared food for students and video materials had to be ready in advance. Often neglected is the understanding of the third party environment. For example, we had to make sure the classrooms provided by the schools were big enough for ten students and had appropriate technical support for the activities to take place. Nonetheless, despite our preparations, accidents happen. At one of the primary schools, we ran out of the questionnaires for students to fill out after food consumption. I kept calm and thought of projecting
the questionnaire on the screen, and asked students to write their answers on some blank papers. I learnt that being calm and immediate re-evaluation of the existing materials is important step to solving emergency situations


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