GSK Argentina #3

We’re coming up close to the end of our internship and we are beginning to get slightly nervous. As one of us has to leave and go home early, only two of us will be creating the final report and presentation. We have been asked to present in front of senior regional directors and procurement managers. I’m a  bit nervous because usually, up until now, I’ve had lots of support and coaching and help when it has come to delivering such presentations from teachers at university and mentors at school. In this case however, it was all down to us what we presented, whether or not we were able to present a unique footprint that we had created, and deciding what was important and significant in our work that was worth presenting.

Alice and I have started working on the report this week as the categorization of the final countries were completed. We wrote a report explaining what each sheet on the excel workbook contains, i.e. the data with all of the coded suppliers. We decided to create cross-country analyses and cross-category comparisons to show how each of GSK’s branches across LATAM were performing in terms of preferred supplier spend, total spend for each category and how much tailspend was being spent on non-preferred suppliers. Our findings were brilliant. We created pivot tables and graphs to make the comparisons simpler to view and analyse. We were getting ready for a big final day and we began to work into the evenings.

Some evenings, we decided to go for a meal after work to relax and enjoy ourselves a little bit in order to relax. In fact, there’s a few restaurants and places to go that I need to recommend to any future interns who stay in Buenos Aires. There is a restaurant called La Cabrera, one of the top 50 restaurants rated in Latin America for steak. It is 40% off the bill every evening between 7pm-8pm. You need to go! You can’t book in advance, but if you arrive at 645pm they will seat you, however, only downfall is that you need to eat and leave by 8.15pm at the latest as they need the tables back for the next full-paying customers. For steak, sides and red wine, it would total an average of £15-£20 each, which is over half the price of what we pay in central London. Another great restaurant is Ceviche, where you can order Japanese and Peruvian infused dishes. A website called Restarondo is great for booking deals for a variety of restaurants in BA. We got 30% off our meal at Ceviche using that website. Peruvian food is absolutely delicious – try the Pacific Ocean Ceviche – it’s a Ceviche dish with salmon, mango, red onions, sweet corn and chillies.




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