GSK Argentina #4

Today was the last day of our internship and Alice and I delivered the final presentation before regional directors, category managers and procurement professionals across LATAM. In the room that we were presenting, we had all of the senior procurement staff from Argentina, and managers from across LATAM had streamed in via LiveMeeting to join us, via webcam and speakerphone. It was a big deal. Alice and I spoke for roughly 10 minutes and then we had a Q&A session.

The cross-country analyses were something that everyone was impressed by, especially the regional managers as it gave them the ability to compare data across the region and see how each country was performing in terms of supplier spend. Category managers could also use our data to understand how much was being spent on non-preferred suppliers, and vice versa. Now, category managers could focus on reaching global procurement targets, thanks to our work.

We were given a lot of support from Estrella, our line manager, in terms of getting our confidence and strengths together to deliver the presentation. She made us feel at ease and made us feel confident in the work we were presenting. She also invited all of the attendees to the meeting, and ensured everyone who would be interested was invited so that they could see what brilliant work we had completed, and how it had so much longevity within the company and for the LATAM region. After the presentation, the Regional Director was so impressed that he insisted we had to attend GSK House in the UK (GSK Headquarters) to deliver this same presentation, to show them what great things a couple of interns have achieved in LATAM, and how beneficial the GSK6 Categorization project can be to the company. He asked if we would act as ambassadors by representing the project to GSK UK, and to sell it to them essentially as the GSK6 coding process was not used globally.

I felt an incredible sense of achievement on this day, and I was over the moon with the response from everyone. Our manager, Diego, was incredibly helpful and he was very supportive throughout the entire project. He was also very appreciative of our work, and it was touching to see his response at the end.

I couldn’t be any happier at this very moment! GSK Argentina was by far the most enjoyable experience of my life, both for personal and professional development. I am undoubtedly going to value this experience highly in the future when it comes to graduate job applications, and I most definitely will be applying for a scheme with GSK UK.


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