Global Challenge: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Morocco #3

Week 5 got off to a great start with a follow up invitation from our Starbucks soiree! We were im'rocconvited to have tour at the house of one of the staff Ahmed one evening. We are arrived to a huge table full of the most amazing home made food and drinks. We met all of his family and spent a rather long evening discussing the contrasts of the UK and Morocco as everything was translated round the table from English to French to Arabic and vice versa.
On the weekend Anna and I visited a beach club to enjoy a very lazy Saturday by the pool sipping (non-alcoholic, given Ramadan) cocktails. I decided to be stupidly brave on the sun-cream front and returned home with legs the shade of cooked lobsters. None the less a great day at somewhat of an Oasis in the city!

The next day we decided to visit Rabat for the first time after having wanted to for so long. We woke up at bright but not so early hour and made it there for early afternoon. We started by meeting two of Anna’s friends who happened to be in Rabat teaching English. After a particularly hectic game of follow the leader through the manic souks we took a ‘short-cut’. After what seemed like seeing the same wall for half an hour of twisting and turning we emerged outside the old fort of Rabat. There we met our fellow intern Taha, a Rabat resident himself. We enjoyed a quick tour of the fort before abandoning walking in favour for a guided tour in Taha’s beautifully air conditioned car! He showed us to the King’s tomb just before everything shut for the break of fast, at which point he took us back to enjoy and early tour with him and his family at home.

We then raced back to the station to catch the last train home before they stopped for four. I actually ended up sat on the train next to a group of English students travelling round Morocco, the one next to me happened to also be a student at UoB. Weird!

William Preston


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