Global Challenge: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Morocco #4 – Final

Global Challenge Morocco, Final blogm'rocco2

My final 2 weeks started with somewhat of a disaster. I managed to spend Tuesday evening in a Moroccan fracture clinic. A post work food shop turned into a particularly nasty fall, which then in turn lead to my return home at 9 0’clock with my right leg up to the knee in plaster. I had to spend the next week sat in my apartment popping pills, with my leg propped up on cushions. A rather bleak existence. Showering became a lengthy process as did moving around the apartment in any form given for the first few days I had to hop.

After a rather fed up week I was looking forward to returning to work on the Monday. Thankfully my boss Naoual offered to take me in to work every day, which was a blessing as I don’t quite know what I would have done otherwise! I got straight back to work on my project and soon got used to hopping round the office. I spent most of the day explaining my situation to everyone as they very kindly asked, or caught sight of my cast poking out from under the desk.

I continued on with the UP(3) project working on the Tunisia region. This involved building the excel file from the ground up. Using the Morocco file as a template. I had to consider the product range as it changes slightly from region to region. In particular the in-market sales and to-market sales categories were different for Tunisia than Morocco.

My last full weekend in Casablanca was unfortunately slightly restricted in adventure by my leg situation. We did however make it to the mall for a limp round and some very good pastries. Anna also returned from a trip back to the UK with a bottle of gin from duty free which understandably went down very well with everyone given our sober month of Ramadan!

For my final week I attended a planning mee
ting with the finance team about how to deal with the UP(3) project and what deadlines needed setting. I finished my Tunisia file with the help of a colleague over the course of the week, which was a nice round point at which to finish on. Another member of staff was due to finish on the Wednesday as well so we were all taken out for a rather nice lunch with a lot of the staff to a traditional restaurant.

I unfortunately spent half of my last day in the clinic having my cast removed before I flew home. Myself and my fellow interns finished work on the Friday before heading out for dinner and drinks as my farewell!

I left Morocco with mixed feelings. I was so frustrated by my accident, in that it had not allowed me to make the most of my final few weeks, in terms of socialising, work and further travelling. However, it has truly been an enlightening, enjoyable if eventful eight weeks which I will never forget and I am so glad to have had the experience.




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