A Rewarding Experience – Welcome International 2015

Diana Colacel – BUIP Welcome International 2015 Intern


Brian Clift [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

I have now completed my BUIP Internship as a Welcome International 2015 Intern and I must say it was an extremely rewarding experience. Having organised and successfully managed the airport collection services, but also having supported my team in various welcome week activities have provided me with great insight within the world of higher education.

Prior to welcome week I have successfully arranged the transportation of more than 400 students to the university’s campus, receiving an overall 90% positive feedback from the students. Although based at different airports throughout the Arrivals Weekend, I was in constant touch with all other sites and ensuring everything runs smoothly. It was most rewarding when collecting feedback, as I received comments such as ‘Great Service’ or ‘Keep up the good work’.

It was a great internship as I was able to develop the skills I aimed for when having taken the role in the first place, but also much more. Throughout my internship, I was given the chance of working independently and at my own initiative. I often found with my previous work experiences that there very few opportunities to prove yourself as a driven and motivated individual. This was mostly because there were very few occasions to take the lead. However this internship gave me the great opportunity of making my own decisions and put them into action when organising the airport collections and shuttle services.

Another key skill I was aiming to develop was leadership. Leading teams staff, but also ensuring that all students get on the coach safely and in due time has definitely built on that. I was also given the opportunity to run my own training session with around 30 student ambassadors. It was nerve-racking, as one of my weaknesses was around presentation skills; so this was a great bonus.

Ensuring that all details are in place for the airport collections, police registrations or other welcome events has boosted my planning and organising skills. I have learned that for an event to be successful and run smoothly, you must put in your best effort to ensure all details are in place prior to the event. Of course, there are times when you realise you cannot achieve everything that you were aiming for in the first place, but this way you do get a good experience of how to prioritise some tasks over others.

A great addition to my experience was having participated to the workshops ran by Careers Network. Two of the sessions were focused on how to deliver a good presentations. It was great practice and it proved very helpful when delivering the training session. This way, I was able to deliver a more confident presentation by using the tips and feedback gained throughout the workshops.

Overall, it was a great experience and I think it is a very good addition to my skills. More importantly, I gained great insight on the dynamics of working within higher education which will further help me choose my career. I would strongly recommend taking this internship into consideration, if you wish developing leadership skills or if you want to prove yourself as a driven individual that can work at its self-initiative.




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