What I gained from the Capgemini Community Challenge

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Taking part in the Capgemini Community Challenge in his first year was a rewarding experience for Frank.  As well as working on a worthwhile project fundraising for a national charity, he developed several vital skills and through this connection found work experience with Capgemini in his final year.  He talks about the value of gaining experience with a leading IT consulting firm and how it has shaped his future career.


Taking part in the Capgemini Community Challenge week in my first year was thoroughly an enjoyable experience. Our task was to propose a fundraising solution to our charity client: DEBRA (a national charity that supports individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa). The people I worked with were amazing – I learned a lot from my colleagues and thus gained invaluable teamwork spirit. I developed my employability skills by using my analytical skills to make a budget for the events we planned for our client. On the last day of the programme, I presented our proposal with my team members to DEBRA and that developed my presentation skills immensely.

In my 3rd year, I rejoined Capgemini thanks to the previous work experience with Capgemini. I was honoured to join the Central Business Operational Support (CBOS) team and serve at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) account; the largest technology contract of British government. During my 6 week’s work experience, I was involved in creating interactive training tutorials for the CBOS team as part of their rebranding and responsible for finding out the user experience of their Clarity system (which is a system for time booking and project management).

As a leading IT consulting firm, Capgemini offered a comprehensive work experience for me, which enhanced my communication skills technical skills. When I was conducting the feasibility assessment of the Clarity system, I had to organise meetings with some colleagues from various departments/levels of the organisation who were using the Clarity system on a daily basis. Initially it was quite challenging  because there were senior staff among my interviewees, but as I went through the process, I found it absolutely rewarding to practice my interpersonal skills and therefore it improved my skills in dealing with clients.

As a student from a non-technical background, I was glad to have opportunities to develop myself through some technical training. The team ran several IT sessions for my colleagues,  I got involved and learned about SQL (a programming language for managing data) and VBA (a programming language for automating processes within Microsoft Office suite).

The working environment was friendly and comfy, it was a good workplace for new joiners as they get opportunities to move from role to role. Staff were busy at work but they had good work-life balance. I would recommend that anyone who is pursuing a career in IT industry take part in the Capgemini Challenge as it is a greatplace to start your career path.

Frank Zhou


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