My Placement With BCFC

Picture2By Zac, Sports Science Student

I began my placement with Birmingham City Football Club on 7th March 2016. I received this opportunity from my School Careers and Employability Officer, Dr Mike White, and proceeded with the application independently. I was successful in the interview and gained a placement position that ran for a year (March 16 to March 17).

During University term time, I reported to the training ground four times a week, either during a morning shift or an afternoon shift. During University holidays (summer and winter holidays), I worked full shift just like other full-time staff and reported to the training ground four to six times a week. I was based in the Sport Science department, working with other full-time Sport Scientists and interns. I worked with players ranging from the Under-9s to 1st team. My daily tasks included preparing logistical equipment for the training sessions and matches (normally for the 1st team, Under-23s & Under-18s) such as water bottles, cones, balls, GPS and heart rate monitors.

This placement has given me innumerable opportunities, such as being able to work in an elite sport setting, working alongside top coaches, physiotherapists, sport scientists and administrators. I appreciate the fact that all departments work together to ensure complete interdisciplinary support for all players. The football club values the players’ health and welfare so that they can continue to develop holistically whether as a player or as an overall individual.

Working in this industry has enabled me to further enhance my time management skills. The nature of the job is both hectic and demanding with varying match schedules; however I remain well able to balance work and university commitments. On a personal level this opportunity has allowed me to work independently and has been an enriching experience.



About Bethany Baxter

University of Birmingham Careers Network Student Employability Team Member (Information Team Support Assistant)

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