Case Study: Gaining Work Experience During Term Time

By Wei Wei Ruan, student worker at Worklink

How important is work to you when you are studying and why?

Working during my degree is quite important for me because of several reasons. In the first place, it should be mentioned that it has helped me to organize my time, so since I started working while I am studying, I have had to coordinate my time between my studies and my work. As a consequence, I have learnt how to take advantage of the time and not wasting it. Secondly, I have become more mature and independent, as it has let me know what working means and how hard is making a living. Therefore, now I know how to control my money and be more comprehensive with my parents. Finally, during my work I have met new friends with whom I have learnt how to work in groups and the importance of communication, which is essential for any jobs. I have to mention as well, that I have improved my language skill thanks to the work, as I come from Spain and one of my purposes to come here is to improve my English. 

What skills and experience has work given you?

The main skill that I have learnt is working in group, taking into account the opinions of others, the importance of communication and the coordination among the employees. In addition, I have improved as well my English, as I am not native English speaker.

Regarding the experiences, I have met different experts in different areas, different style of working and different personalities. All of them are important for me, since they contribute a part of my memories in a foreign country. I have had really good management who has taught me a lot, which I really appreciate as not everybody treats you with their heart. I would also like to thank the support of Worklink, since they have been there when I have needed any help.

Do these skills also support your study programme?

As I am studying languages, these skills are also useful for my studies, specially the improvement of English. However, as I usually have some group discussions, it has also helped me to have a more mature attitude for the time of conversation.

Does working give you an advantage when graduation and why?

Yes, it does, so working has let me have experience about how to work in public and in group, which are very important for my future.


About Bethany Baxter

University of Birmingham Careers Network Student Employability Team Member (Information Team Support Assistant)

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