About this blog and us

About this blog…

This is a blog for students at University of Birmingham, covering all aspects of careers and employability.  It is written by students of the Student Employability Team with the support of Careers Network.



About the Student Employability Team…

Careers Network  employ a large team of students to help us devise, develop, promote and deliver our employability provision. The Student Employability Team (SET) have diverse roles which include CV Advisor, Brand Promoter, Media Communications Assistant, International Student Team Leader, International Student Ambassadors, Blog Manager, Blog Editor, Green Impact Officer, Information Support Assistants.

Their high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and energy makes them great role models for other students, encouraging a greater cohort of students to engage with Careers Network and visiting employers. The Student Employability Team benefit from having paid work experience that is flexible to their university commitments as well as having a dedicated member of staff, the Student Engagement Officer, who co-ordinates and supervises the team’s work as well as providing individual mentoring/support. We have a large intake at the beginning of each academic year, where the recruitment process mirrors that of a graduate scheme assessment centre. Due to the exceptional quality of this scheme  Careers Network was awarded ‘Best Public Sector Placement 2012 by the National Council for Work Experience.

If you would like to learn more about the team, please email j.s.hollowayswift@bham.ac.uk


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