Second Year Survival Series – Part Three, Sport

A profile on Rob Owens, BSc Psychology.

Sport is a great way to learn and develop skills that you might struggle with normally, such as leadership, team work, time management – and it’s also great for you!


Rob Owens is a Bsc Psychology student in his third year of study at the University of Birmingham.

He plays American Football for the Birmingham lions as a Wide Receiver. He is interested in pursuing a career in Marketing.

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Decisions, decisions…

A blog by Jim Reali (Careers Advisor, College of LES)

It’s my six year old son’s birthday soon. He’s very excited. I asked him what he’d like and he produced a list longer than my arm which he’d spent a long time writing. I was very impressed by the effort he’d put into it, despite one or two spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (however, I reminded myself that I wasn’t checking a CV and that he is only six years old, so I let that go).

I thought it might be important to manage his expectations, so rather cautiously I ventured that he might not get everything he’d put on the list. “That’s ok”, he said. (I was in luck – this was easier than expected.) However, he then thwarted me by saying, “I can always get the rest for Christmas, instead”. Ahhhhh….

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Second Year Survival Series – Part One, A Part Time Job

This is the first in our four part series looking at how to get through your second year with a well rounded CV but also a good mark, and we’re beginning with looking at part time work. During this series we’re going to be focusing in on four case studies from current third year students about their second year experience and what they’ve done in and around their studies. This week we have Steph who works in a BP garage. Continue reading