Developing the BURT (Birmingham University Radio Telescope) As A Teaching Facility

By Bethany Baxter, 3rd year Msci Physics & Astrophysics


Over the summer of 2016, I was lucky enough to work on a project entitled ‘Developing the BURT (Birmingham University Radio Telescope) As A Teaching Facility’ within the Astrophysics and Space Research Group at the University of Birmingham . During this internship, my main goal was to restore to full working order the radio telescope on the roof of the Poynting Physics Building. It had been purchased by the department some years ago to be used as a teaching facility in the undergraduate astrolab, but had fallen into a state of disrepair for unknown reasons. My task was to try to understand why the telescope wasn’t working, and to fix/replace the damaged parts so that eventually the telescope could once again be used by students as a research tool.

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Choices, choices, applications

PetePete Connolly, Finalist Physics

As if final year students don’t have enough on their plates with dissertations, research projects or, as in my case, final year laboratory projects, this is time at which students must decide what exactly they intend to do with the rest of their lives. In the majority of cases this requires, in one form or another, combinations of applications and interviews. Continue reading

Global Challenge Internship: Sales forecasting followed by spectacular sunsets

4aWeek 2 My mentor returned to the office from her previous week’s business trip, so I began working directly under her supervision. I had a meeting with her towards the start of the week to explain some of the projects I will be working on as well as answering the questions I had accumulated from my first week. I then began looking over a number of excel files that are used in the company’s quarterly budgeting process. Following that I processed the data from other team members and collated to form the sales forecast file for July to September.

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