Solving a Waste Issue with an Enterprising Mind


My name is Michael McLeod. I am a 23 year old student entrepreneur and post-graduate researcher (PhD) studying Integrative Physiology at the University of Birmingham.  I formed UniGreenScheme.

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Team Health Kicks triumph at Postgraduate Enterprise Summer School (PESS) 2015

It was an exciting finale day for all those involved with the Postgraduate Enterprise Summer School after five teams pitched their presentations to a panel of judges. Team Health Kicks were crowned eventual winners with their solution to create a mobile app to maintain health and fitness. The programme was a tremendous success with a total of 30 postgraduate researchers split into five teams, working on Summer School challenges which were set by our guest social enterprise business, Health Exchange. PESS2015

The programme took place over one week (July 13-17) and was introduced by Professor Gavin Schaffer before facilitator Steve Harris outlined the course structure. The Summer School challenge came with a twist this year as Health Exchange Assistant Director, Jennifer Jones Rigby unveiled not one but a choice of five different challenges for the groups to work on.

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Secrets to Success….was secretly a great success!

Picture the scene.  A warm and sunny Monday morning and a campus looking fantastic in the sunshine.  Careers Network staff walking from the University Centre, past the gleaming Old Joe and setting up for the day at the Birmingham Business School.  After last year’s highly successful Secrets to Success with founder Nick Jenkins (who has incidentally now found fame as a BBC Dragon’s Den judge) it was time again to enjoy this popular Working Wonders event (#WorkingWonders).

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