Using the lab skills gained during my PhD for a clinical career

NHS Scientist Training Programme
Dr Emily Halford
PGR Careers Case Study

Emily Halford

Introduce yourself by providing information about your research and current role

I have recently submitted my thesis (Immunology) and am on the NHS scientist training programme. This three year programme runs all over the country, and produces clinical scientists in a range of specialisms. I am based in the NHS Blood and Transplant department on Vincent Drive, and my specialism is histocompatibility (organ & stem cell transplantation).

How has your PhD prepared you and given you relevant transferable skills for your current role?

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Waste, Resources, Action

Barbara Leach

Head of Research and Evaluation
WRAP, Dr Barbara Leach
PGR Careers Case Study:

My PhD looked at the relationship between choice of policy instrument and the process of designing and implementing the policy. It focused on waste reduction policies. Continue reading

Re-framing my PhD – preparation for a career in Higher Education

Postgraduate Employer Liaison Officer, Higher EducationHolly Prescott
Dr Holly Prescott
PGR Careers Case Study

Introduce yourself by providing information about your research and current role

I studied for a PhD in the English Department (under Dr Deborah Longworth and Dr Jan Campbell) in English Literature and Cultural Geography (representations of urban space in contemporary British fiction). I graduated in December 2011. I then started work as a Postgraduate Recruitment Advisor in PG Recruitment at University of Birmingham and am currently seconded to Careers Network in the role of Postgraduate Employer Liaison Officer.

My role is to build relationships with employers looking to target postgraduate students, especially Masters students. This involves meeting employers to talk about their needs, sourcing vacancies and opportunities for Masters students, and planning and delivering a range of careers workshops and activities for postgraduate students. Back in my substantive role, I work to promote postgraduate courses at UoB to prospective PG students in the UK and EU.
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