Career Planning for International Students: How to Make The Most of Placement Opportunities & Careers Network’s Support

By Zoe Chan, LLB Law Graduate 2017, originally from Hong Kong

1.pngI have just graduated from UoB with a LLB in Law – and I have enjoyed every second of it. The community is very inclusive and I got to meet people from all over the world, from Singapore to Nigeria. The support for international students, from both the university and the Guild, got much better throughout the years. In my last year, I even volunteered to be a Global Buddy to help new international students!

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PGR Case Study: Graduate Engineer with BT

By Dr Tianho He


Introduce yourself by providing information about your research and current role:

My PhD study was on electronics and electric engineering. The research was about the design of novel microwave components and circuits for communication purposes, and new design methodology has been developed and tested on design. I completed my PhD in April 2015 and recently started working for BT in Ipswich. I have joined a busy team of people managing the BT network for customers. I have been assigned a line manager to look after my personal and professional development, who acts in a similar role as a mentor or supervisor would at University. Continue reading

Getting Work Experience In U.S Politics

Advice by Joe Armer (Organising Fellow On Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign)

Getting epicture2xperience in U.S politics this summer will be trickier than it was last year as there won’t be any major electoral races happening in the US this summer (the next US Senate and House elections will be in November 2018 so campaigns won’t be as big or as active as they would be in Summer 2018). There will be a few big races though – it’s likely that the New Jersey  and Virginia governor’s races will be heavily fought, but the primaries for the candidates won’t be decided until late
r this year so the candidates for the race may not be confirmed until May/June and won’t take future hires until that point.  However, it might be useful to look at the state party’s websites and see if they offer ‘fellowships’ or internships as they will be preparing for the campaigns earlier and will know of any opportunities to work on smaller ‘down ticket’ races.

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