Second Year Survival Series – Part Three, Sport

A profile on Rob Owens, BSc Psychology.

Sport is a great way to learn and develop skills that you might struggle with normally, such as leadership, team work, time management – and it’s also great for you!


Rob Owens is a Bsc Psychology student in his third year of study at the University of Birmingham.

He plays American Football for the Birmingham lions as a Wide Receiver. He is interested in pursuing a career in Marketing.

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Second Year Survival Series – Part Two, Work Experience


By Imogen, 3rd year Geography undergraduate.

Hello, my name is Imogen and I am a third year geography student, currently writing my dissertation on the associations between rainfall and weather patterns in Cumbria. Alongside this I am studying carceral geography (it’s really interesting – google it) and more things about the weather and the climate (I can’t get enough). Career wise I am hoping to apply for various graduate schemes and achieve a graduate job after third year. I would also like to fit in a bit of travelling in somewhere, just to fill the typical geography student stereotype.

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Decisions, decisions…

A blog by Jim Reali (Careers Advisor, College of LES)

It’s my six year old son’s birthday soon. He’s very excited. I asked him what he’d like and he produced a list longer than my arm which he’d spent a long time writing. I was very impressed by the effort he’d put into it, despite one or two spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (however, I reminded myself that I wasn’t checking a CV and that he is only six years old, so I let that go).

I thought it might be important to manage his expectations, so rather cautiously I ventured that he might not get everything he’d put on the list. “That’s ok”, he said. (I was in luck – this was easier than expected.) However, he then thwarted me by saying, “I can always get the rest for Christmas, instead”. Ahhhhh….

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