My BUIP Internship as an International Employer Liaison Assistant

By Eliana, BUIP Intern


Roger Kidd [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I was in my year abroad in Moscow, Russia, juggling between an intensive Russian language course and the beautiful, but icy, Moscow streets. I was motivated in getting work experience, to further develop my skills and employability, but being in Russia, I did not have the opportunity to attend any interviews or assessment centres. On Worklink, I noticed a vacancy for Employer Liaison Assistant for the Middle East, which immediately attracted my attention. Studying Russian Studies and International Relations, I am very interested in international affairs and business, so I decided to apply.

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My Placement With BCFC

Picture2By Zac, Sports Science Student

I began my placement with Birmingham City Football Club on 7th March 2016. I received this opportunity from my School Careers and Employability Officer, Dr Mike White, and proceeded with the application independently. I was successful in the interview and gained a placement position that ran for a year (March 16 to March 17).

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Getting Work Experience In U.S Politics

Advice by Joe Armer (Organising Fellow On Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign)

Getting epicture2xperience in U.S politics this summer will be trickier than it was last year as there won’t be any major electoral races happening in the US this summer (the next US Senate and House elections will be in November 2018 so campaigns won’t be as big or as active as they would be in Summer 2018). There will be a few big races though – it’s likely that the New Jersey  and Virginia governor’s races will be heavily fought, but the primaries for the candidates won’t be decided until late
r this year so the candidates for the race may not be confirmed until May/June and won’t take future hires until that point.  However, it might be useful to look at the state party’s websites and see if they offer ‘fellowships’ or internships as they will be preparing for the campaigns earlier and will know of any opportunities to work on smaller ‘down ticket’ races.

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