Blog #5 – Week 6 – Goodbye Melbourne Museum :’(  

M'bourne6This week has been the week I’ve been looking forward to most and least simultaneously. For t
his is the week I finally get to the donor of the historical items that formed the basis of the entire internship! As the collection was actually inaccessible to me, the oral history session we would conduct with the donor would not be so much about the objects themselves, but more a background of her life growing up, and the preamble to the stories which the objects tell. Continue reading

Blog #4 – Week 5 at Melbourne Museum

M'bourne4This week I was fortunate enough to see how the museum deals with external requests for access to the store and museum objects, and how it is co-facilitated by curators and colle

tion managers equally. The museum had recently receieved a request from a group of retired workers from a Victoria bank that had closed business. This historical association approached the museum requesting to see any historical items or documents that the museum held in its collection regarding the Victorian bank for which they used to work. Continue reading

Blog #3 – Week 4 at Melbourne Museum

 M'bourne2After the bad news (see previous blog re. the contamination of the collection I would have been working with), I have seen an incredible variety of objects and collections. Firstly, I was tasked with collecting, labeling, and writing short descriptions for each new item by a recent donor. The donor in question was an owner of a LGBT bar in Melbourne in the Nineties, who donated lots of bar and popular culture memorabilia. What a collection! Ranging from pictures of pole dancers, to barmaid’s (extremely skimpy) outfits, to the more mundane objects such as photos of the donor with her wife and young daughter. Working with this collection, so far from the original collection I had been intended to work with, really showed me the variety and breadth of items that museums hold.

Continue reading