Welcome Week Reviewer, Colleges of Life and Environmental Sciences #2

My internship within the College of Life and Sciences is almost over and the past ten weeks have flown by! It has been a very stimulating experience and I never expected to be granted so much independence with regards to my report, allowing me to be creative with how I solved the tasks I set for myself. I was also given a lot more responsibility than I could have ever imagined; I feel I have grown tremendously in a professional capacity during this internship due to this.

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Capgemini Community Challenge and More….

I took part in the Capgemini Community Challenge week in my 1st year, which was thoroughly an enjoyable experience. Our task was to propose a fundraising solution to our charity client: DEBRA. I developed my employability skills by using my analytical skills to make a budget for the events we planned for our client. The people I worked with were very amazing – I was pleased that I could learn a lot from my colleagues and thus gained invaluable teamwork spirit. On the last day of the programme, I presented our proposal with my team members to DEBRA, from which the presentation skills were developed immensely.

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Induction Review officer – Final Blog

So we’ve now reached the final part of my internship, which is scary!

It’s a weird feeling getting to the last day. At the very start of my internship it felt like 10 weeks is a long time, the equivalent of a whole university term, but instead I’m working 9-5 Monday to Friday in an office instead of lazing around and using the excuse “I’m a student”. But as every student knows, when you get to the end of a term you wonder where it went as it flew by, and the same is true here. How has it gone so quickly?

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