MY Internship in China – Final Blog

Chirpy Dragon7End of my internship…


After almost two months of hard work and intense learning from my teammates and doctors, it’s my time to return to UK for my final year. I have developed great deal of personal skills including communication, planning, organisation, problem solving and cultural awareness on an international scale. Most importantly, I made new friends and improved my Mandarin. In retrospect, I developed more understanding on the prospect of China and their working ethics. Altho
ugh being Chinese ethnically, I received western education most of my life, so this was a good chance for me to re-evaluate myself as a Chinese and Hong Kong citizen. I hope more international development projects are introduced in China to improve people’s livelihood and there would be more
people like myself and Doctor Li who are educated overseas while contributing back to China to improve the country in different ways.

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Week Four as an Intern in China

Managing the operational project from the whole Chirpy Dragon project was my responsibility. In previous blog, I mentioned that I was communicating with three primary schools in facilitating the project run down. My project was to investigate the role of media such as advertisement on child obesity, and its risk factors in order to develop grounds for policy making in China; Particularly in Guangzhou, being one of the most developed cities in China. Successfully promoting such health policy in Guangzhou will have significant impact in the whole China in the coming years as the Chinese government are focusing more on the improvement of quality of life in China.
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Week Three as an Intern in China

Chirpy Dragon3After months of planning and organization, the opening ceremony of the Chirpy Dragon project was successfully held in a prestigious primary school in Guangzhou with distinguished guest such as Matthew Rous, the British Consul General in Guangzhou, our vice-chancellor, David Eastwood, Chen Jianhua, the Guangzhou Mayor. For my part in organizing this ceremony, I was involved in sending invitations
to schools and facilitating the communication between different parties.
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