MY Internship in China – Final Blog

Chirpy Dragon7End of my internship…


After almost two months of hard work and intense learning from my teammates and doctors, it’s my time to return to UK for my final year. I have developed great deal of personal skills including communication, planning, organisation, problem solving and cultural awareness on an international scale. Most importantly, I made new friends and improved my Mandarin. In retrospect, I developed more understanding on the prospect of China and their working ethics. Altho
ugh being Chinese ethnically, I received western education most of my life, so this was a good chance for me to re-evaluate myself as a Chinese and Hong Kong citizen. I hope more international development projects are introduced in China to improve people’s livelihood and there would be more
people like myself and Doctor Li who are educated overseas while contributing back to China to improve the country in different ways.

Chirpy Dragon6As a whole, I learnt several personal things from my teammates and doctors. I learnt from my teammates that being passionate about a project and understanding the role of yourself is very important if you want to be successful. Success is such a subjective thing after all. Should I be a lawyer, businessmen or politician? What’s more important is achieving your passion because that is where your true value can be fulfilled. After understanding yourself, you should endeavor to achieve what you are passionate about, even though to others, we might not be very successful, the true success lies in overcoming ourselves.

Under the guidance of doctors, I learnt to show passion while working. We have to be passionate about our work to cooperate with others; So often, we missed the focus on this. If we want to cooperate with others, we have to show them our passions so that they know that we take our work seriously. This is the first step to trust building in a team, and like any other relationship, trust has to be earned and built. When trust is built in a team, everything will be more effectively allocated. As a leader in a team, I had to prioritize the work and allocate it to my teammates. Implicitly, the team leaders tend to allocate work to those they trust. From this, I learnt that in the future, if I want to be successful in a team working environment, I have to earn trust so that I will be delegated more responsibility to achieve what I want.


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