Global Challenge: Steak and procurement in Buenos Aires

Annie Miller, GlaxoSmithKline Procurement Internship (Buenos Aires)


Ian Wilson (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

My second day in Buenos Aires I started at GSK and was met by Cecilia Linskens. Cecilia is a procurement manager and is whom I will be supporting throughout my internship. Over the last two weeks I have had a great insight into the structure of GSK’s procurement department, learning about the local and global networks in place throughout the company. I have been supporting Cecilia on a particular project regarding the restructuring of GSK’s use of marketing agencies, with particular attention on Brazil. I have been working with Cecilia on putting together a presentation comparing two agencies. In this task I have worked on preparing quantitative and qualitative data to compare the different companies. This has enabled me to learn about how excel is used to collect and show data and how GSK presents this information.

I feel I am gaining valuable experience in basic functions of business and am looking forward to seeing this particular project through. Outside of work I have also been enjoying lots of new experiences, I have started learning Spanish and am trying to have regular lessons. I have met people from across the world and am enjoying exploring the city in the evenings and at weekends.

During the last few weeks I have continued to support Cecilia with a range of tasks. I have created files showing agency costs and rates, created a talent profile questionnaire and analysed data for the continuing Brazil Agency Project. Being able to work so closely with a senior manager on an on going project has allowed me to have an in depth insight into GSK´s business processes and strategy in procurement. As the weeks have gone on I have found my workload has increased as I have become more competent and informed. Much of my work has gone on to be used and sent to other senior managers within GSK, which has given me satisfaction in the work I have produced.

Outside of work I am continuing to enjoy the city and culture, Buenos Aires is a city for food lovers so I have enjoyed testing out people’s recommendations and searching out the best steak!



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